Application deadlines, documentation requirements, qualification criteria and much more information can be found below in our FAQ section. Please review the list to see if your question is addressed. If not, please contact us at 813-964-8302 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Q: How does an organization qualify for the DeBartolo Family Foundation (DFF) Spirit of Humanity (SOH) Award?
A: A specific charitable group or organization seeking consideration for the Spirit of Humanity Award may do so through the DeBartolo Family Foundation website. Under the Spirit of Humanity section there is an online application that must be completed and submitted either electronically, faxed or mailed to the foundation office in Tampa.

Q: What specific documentation is required to apply for the Spirit of Humanity Award?
A: The standard online SOH application must be fully completed and submitted to the DFF office. The entity applying for the SOH Award is requested to be certified as a 501(c)(3) organization. The most recent 990 and IRS Letter of Determination must accompany the nomination in order to be considered.

Q: We are a tax-exempt organization, but are not certified as a 501(c)(3) group. Can we still apply for the DeBartolo Family Foundation SOH Award or Community Grant?
A: In order to be considered for a donation from the DeBartolo Family Foundation , your organization must be classified as a registered 501(c) 3.

Q: How many copies of the Spirit of Humanity application should we submit?
A: Please submit only one nomination form per organization per calendar year.

Q: Our SOH application is rejected, can we reapply for consideration?
A: All applicants may apply once annually for SOH consideration. If resubmitting an application please reevaluate the rationale behind your organizations reason for award consideration.

Q: How are grants awarded through the DeBartolo Family Foundation?
A: Financial grants are awarded once annually through family foundation DFF. All grant requests are reviewed personally and specific contribution amounts determined by the DFF Board of Directors. Monetary grants are given based on the specific need and situation of the organization.

Q: When requesting a financial grant what is an appropriate request amount? Is there a maximum grant size?
A: Grant amounts given to worthy organizations are determined by the members of the DFF Board of Directors. These amounts are not published and are considered confidential information.

Q: Does the DeBartolo Family Foundation fund operating expenses?
A: Typically The DFF does not fund operating expenses or capital campaigns.

Q: Does the DeBartolo Family Foundation offer financial funding for the development of new charitable organizations and/or new projects?
A: All requests are considered equally and evaluated based on the needs and overall scope of the charitable group or grass-roots organization.

Q: Can we submit more than one application at a time?
A: Please send only one nomination per organization, as multiple nominations provide no better chance for receiving an award.